When I need the help of  music with the depth, beauty, and originality that only an artist can find then I ask Stephen Daltry and Thunderscores for that help. 

We have worked together on five films now and Stephen has understood and reflected in his sensitive compositions the different moods of each." 

                                                                                                                                                                                             Stephen Macmillan, Director, New Moon Films, February 2022.

'The Lost World of Mr Hardy tells an evocative story of quality and ethically based manufacturing through... a gorgeous musical score of violin and cello by Stephen Daltry — breathtaking in its simplicity, beauty and effectiveness. It perfectly amplifies a tale about delicacy, nature and the bittersweet hope that such things might survive in our brave new world.'” - Ken Russell

— The Times

The feature documentary film, 'The Moo Man', a hit at Sundance Film Festival 2013:  "Stephen Daltry’s attractive chamber score... captures the surroundings’ pastoral beauty” - Denis Harvey


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We Also Write Specially Commissioned Music

Specially commissioned music has been written for the BBC's 'The 2000 Year Old Computer', a documentary about the extraordinary Antikythera Mechanism by Tony Freeth and Mike Beckham (Images First) which was nominated for the 2013 Grierson Award.