Blog: The Underscores  

I wrote in a part for French horn in my film score of 'The Hunt', giving the direction 'play as from a distance'. I wanted an expressive distant sound of a horn sounding across the vales.  

The horn player never showed up.

The conductor, looking at the score, said to me "I see he's taken you literally."

Now, you could call us underwriters, we write what's often underneath the dialogue, simmering just below the surface, or even undertakers, moving a large body of sound from one place to another. At…

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We Also Write Specially Commissioned Music

Specially commissioned music has been written for the BBC's 'The 2000 Year Old Computer', a documentary about the extraordinary Antikythera Mechanism by Tony Freeth and Mike Beckham (Images First) which was nominated for the 2013 Grierson Award.